Original Z-VISE
Australian and New Zealand Distributers

The Z-VISE (formerly Zyliss Vice) is a multi-purpose portable clamping system.
The Z- VISE is a unique Swiss designed tool that can hold virtually any shape, any size material anywhere you work. Made to exacting standards for over 70 years, it comes with a lifetime warranty.The Z-VISE is made of special light metal alloy, with the columns and spindle made of surface treated steel. Do you struggle to hold your work securely?

The Z-VISE ( formerly Zyliss Vice) has been demonstrated at trade shows throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.

  • Sawing
  • Planing
  • Grinding
  • Carving
  • Gluing
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Filing

    All you need is Original All-Purpose Z-VISE